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About Ireland101


Ireland101's vision and mission is to 'Connect people around the world who have Irish ancestry and cultural connections to Ireland'.

We want to:


  • Distil amazing Irish culture and heritage and share it in a truly innovative and fun way across the Global Irish Diaspora and people who love Ireland
  • Host all the essential '101' content and heritage information that we should all know, celebrate and protect, as part of the Global Irish community
  • Make your connection to Ireland more and more relevant to your daily life, no matter where you live, '24/7'
  • Enable your relationship to grow between you and your Irish regions of ancestral origin, and make sure it is a two-way relationship over time
  • Create online environments that foster group learning and sharing about Irish culture and heritage
  • Help everyone share the culture and heritage information we should all know, from famous Diaspora who lived (and live) great lives, to great stories from across the Global Irish community
  • Direct you to the best genealogy resources across the island of Ireland
  • Help 'Active Diaspora' to visit Ireland, support Irish arts and crafts, support Irish Business, and support important Irish community projects that help your regions of ancestral origin



#6 Carlo G Pagni

Apparently Charles in Gaelic is not Cathal ..... It is Searlas

#5 Ian Smiles

Hello Having recently had my DNA tested, results showed that 8% traced back to Ireland and Scotland. My mother was a Miss Green and I feel I have her lineage back to the 1600s in Bedfordshire, England. However, I am intrigued as to whether or not my 8% could be down from the Green line. Are you able to say how I could further prove that the 8% is in fact through my Green family lineage? Thank you.

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